Portrait THM-Carbones

THM-Carbones is a family of products built by THM GmbH, a company which has been designing and manufacturing various carbon fiber components. The main focus is always to produce components which are both very light and extremely durable.

The correct application of carbon fiber requires enormous know-how. Experience and high internal standards are the basis for exceptional products. For many years now THM GmbH develops and manufactures carbon components for several companies of the bicycle industry. Products such as the “Stiletto” fork, the “Powerarms” pedal crank as well as the “Scapula” and “Clavicula” private brand components enjoy a worldwide reputation.

We have set standards with the first carbon fiber fork with continuous fibers from the steerer all the way down to the dropouts. Winner in magazine shootouts, award-winning design (“Roter Punkt” for highest design quality, award from the Forum Industrial Design in Hanover) – our products always come out on top. The Clavicula cranks, the Scapula forks and the Fibula brake are long since the lightest series-manufactured carbon components for bicycles throughout the world. All these products were and are developed and manufactured by ourselves. An example for the exceptional quality of our products.

Our expertise covers initial design, development, testing and production. As everything is done in-house we have short development cycles, enabling us to quickly incorporate new test results into our products, thereby improving them continuously.

The managing director Thomas Mertin has pursued for a long time his vision of an own product line. Indeed, his long years of experience and his entire know-how are united in his own products. The final result was THM-Carbones – the company standing for perfect carbon design. The name signifies the perfection of natural evolution, as bones are both stiff and lightweight.

All bicycle components from THM-Carbones set new standards, showing the limits of technological development today. To us, exceptional quality is of higher importance than the lowest possible price. Our goal is to produce the world’s lightest and most durable carbon fiber parts – whatever it takes!

THM-Carbones offer you fascinating light weight, exclusivity, exceptional quality and the peace of mind that comes from unmatched safety.