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The Clavicula classic celebrates its 10th anniversary.

THM-Carbones offers a very special small limited edition of this Full Carbon Crank with excellent stiffness by very light weight. Get more details by the following product information and have some impressions about the available colours by the pictures.

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New release by THM-Carbones: Clavicula sine exceptione

Clavicula sine exceptione – without limitation – is synonymous with a new kind of smoothness and outstanding utilization of load paths. A highly promising forerunner for the next technologically oriented development step to come. Clavicula SE is a full carbon crank with integrated carbon axle. In the development phase particular emphasis was placed on optimizing structural design. Interesting in more details? Get the specifications “Information sine exceptione English.pdf” or visit us on:

“Concept 1865“ from BASF

THM assisted BASF, plastic specialists for many years, in the project “Concept 1865“ as a partner in design consultation, executive planning and incorporation of FRC components into the “e-velocipede”. Indeed it was THM, in co-operation with the project leading company Designstudio DING3000, to manufacture the frame, the fork and the big wheel for the prototype bicycle. The project was presented on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of BASF at the K2013 fair in Düsseldorf. We are very glad to be able to participate in this project. To get further information on this impressive project, just click on the above links – we wish you very much fun!






Fibula gets best reviews

Among other in the tour 11/2012: …,Brakes, crank sets and fork come all from the German carbon specialist THM whose competence in lightweight construction enjoys a global reputation. Quite rightly: Whilst brakes and cranks match the functional quality of large series parts, the fork is simply sensational. Never before there was a fork to receive highest marks for both comfort and lateral stiffness – and that with a weight of 283 grams only!"

Or in the big brake test in the tour 04/2012:

Tour April 2012: “The lightest brake kit saves more than 100 grams compared to the lightest large-scale production brake from SRAM Red. … THM, the German specialist in lightweight construction, uses laborious engineering procedures to turn carbon, aluminum and titanium to calipers with a weight of just 140 grams. … Everyone who likes this design can bolt this flyweight component without concern on his bike: The THM brake ensures perfect deceleration and allows finely metered braking. Ingenious are also the different leverage ratios for the front and rear side, with the front brake creating more braking power.”

Comfort fork for road racing

Comfort becomes a more and more important factor in road cycling. Indeed, why should you get out of the saddle totally stiff after two hours of cycling whilst actually you would like to continue to ride just a few more hours?

 Load caused by an aluminium or carbon fibre star fork is enormous as even the smallest road unevenness is directly transmitted to joints, vertebrae and muscles.

 Well aware of these problems we have developed for road racing bikes the world’s first sprung fork without further mechanical parts. This patented system consists of two-piece fork blades and unique lamella springs which enormously increase comfort and at the same time ensure consistent performance.

 A first study revealed very good damping values as compared to rigid forks. Your riding feel remains direct and precise in spite of the damping system. Among other things this is owing to a very high lateral stiffness generated by the especially conceived lamella springs. Such forks can weigh less than about 380 grams and are quite competitive compared to conventional rigid forks.
This fork is still in the test phase and will not be available in commerce for the time being.
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New Clavicula Tool Available!

tl_files/content/produkte/clavicula/zubehoer/Crank-Tools 001.jpg tl_files/content/produkte/clavicula/zubehoer/Crank-Tools 020.jpg
THM presents a new tool for an optimal installation of Clavicula M³. This practical  three-in-one tool is composed of a socket wrench for fitting the Clavicula cups with the correct torque. The second function is given by a lockring tool allowing the aluminium spider of Clavicula M³ MTB to be replaced with the greatest of ease. Finally, the tool set is completed the THM adjusting tool which helps setting the bearing clearance and eases compliance with the prescribed torque when tightening the Clavicula M³ setting screw. All three tools can be plugged together for practical storing. The tool set or each separate tool are available as of now.